Main ring road, and here - again!

Main ring road, and here - again!  These immortal words of Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin, one of the most charismatic Prime Ministers of post-Soviet Russia, as well as possible describe what is happening in the country, including the one held last Sunday elections in the Irkutsk region.Indeed, for the first time in one day to be elected such number of deputies and heads of municipalities. October 10, residents of the legislative Assembly chose the 14 mayors of districts and cities, the 7 heads of rural settlements and 217 deputies of local parliaments.Again indicators for United Russia ahead of its competitors. Out of the 217 deputies – 125 persons elected by party lists. All 14 elected mayors, members of the ruling party. And even at the village level "United Russia" has held three of its candidates in the heads of the settlements, the remaining four people – the independents, who, as usual, and if necessary, explain all the benefits of membership in the ruling party. But the fanfare of party of silent victory.Main ring road that would be in the Duma, one of the largest industrial areas of the Angara was elected absolute qualified majority of deputies from the CPRF and United Russia received only one place on the party list. Читать полностью -->

Press release from the employment center

Press release from the employment center  In the centre of employment of registered citizens who have applied for assistance in finding a suitable job – 9133 person. (9934 people)including: first-time job seekers – 5697 people (6952 people)dismissed in connection with reduction or elimination – 489 people (484 people)In addition, provided consultation – CL. (CA.)RECOGNIZED as UNEMPLOYED - 2300 people (2821 people)The AVERAGE PERIOD of UNEMPLOYMENT is 3.9 months. (3.8 months).Found a job (with the assistance of the employment center) – 6816 person. (7481 people)Including:-Employment of citizens experiencing difficulties in job search: total - 493 persons/special-133 people:juvenile youth from 16 to 18 years, first-time job seekers-41/4 people.disabled -138/93 persons;people approaching retirement age -244/20 persons;persons released from places of imprisonment -14/2;people approaching retirement age -244/20 persons;lone parents and large-26/10 people.-social adaptation in the labour market -246 people;-vocational training and retraining – 324 people;-career guidance services – 2710 people.-public works - 412 people.Conducted 20 job fairs:-participated – 387 employers-was present seekingthe work of citizens -5127 person:-directed to the interview – 3932;-employed -965 people.The NEED for WORKERS, organizations stated in the employment center01.12.2011-3327,on 01.12.2010 g-3141.The profession required in the city: fitter, sellers, cooks, drivers, tinsmiths, locksmiths for car repairs, jigs, masons, bakers, carpenters, electric, plasterers, painters, electricians, installers, janitors, waiters, decorators-tilers, tinsmiths, vegetable growers, roofers, carpenters, seamstresses, kitchen workers, Junior teachers, machine operators, setters of technological equipment.Of professionals: teachers in schools, teachers in schools, master teachers, inspectors, insurance and advertising agents, engineers, technicians, managers, kindergarten teachers, doctors, nurses, paramedics, accountants.The NUMBER of citizens who applied for assistance in finding a suitable job as01.12.2011 – 1568 people.of these, 788 people unemployedon 01.12.2010, 1607 peopleof these, 956 unemployed people.The UNEMPLOYMENT rate for the working-age population was 0.51 % (0,62%). In the Irkutsk region was 1.56%.Average size of unemployment benefit – 4436 RUB.The size of the subsistence minimum– 6496 RUB.. Читать полностью -->

In the Museum of Victory presents previously unknown historical facts of the construction of the Angarsk

In the Museum of Victory presents previously unknown historical facts of the construction of the Angarsk  Municipal regional conference "From past to future", held at the Museum of Victory on 11 October, the Museum's Director Larisa Davydova presented previously unknown historical facts about the founders and the first years of construction of the Angarsk.The results of sociological research conducted among the students of the city, showed the students the history of the world and Russia know better than the history of the Irkutsk region, Angarsk and his family. Meanwhile native land - particle of the great peace and knowledge of his past and present is necessary for the education of patriotism.The Angarsk only 61 years old, but despite the youth of the city, lost many of the facts of his history, and that's why every valuable historical document. In his report, "Historical milestones of Angarsk. Role of history in the upbringing and education of the younger generation" the Director of the Museum of Victory Larisa Davydova submitted photographs from personal archives of the family of former Nikolai Ivanovich Plaksina. He was among the first who arrived in early 1946 at the construction site of the future factory and the city.Now the fourth generation of the family of former lives in Angarsk. They provided photos of the first years of construction, which has not been published elsewhere."Old pictures, many of them had to restore, but they revealed much of what was unknown to us," said Larisa Davydova. Читать полностью -->

Who won?

Who won?  Heard a joke? "The throws were successful. As a result of falsification of the vote is not revealed".The Russians are not simply skeptical about the results of State Duma elections on 4 December, they protest. On the Internet, on buses, at work, on the street everyone is talking about. Although Central television news on these promotions no.Valentin LEVCHENKO,the chief physician of the Angara regional psychiatric hospital:- Without a doubt, won the "United Russia". Observers have noted that gross violations were not, the elections were held without fraud. That is, what part of the country voted, and chose the.And the fact that United Russia competed against other parties, suggests that we live in a democratic country.Pavel ANDREEV,Deputy Director UK "the housekeeper Angarsk":- I think that is not defeated by any one party. Читать полностью -->

Congratulations to the city prepared by the retail trade, public catering and consumer services

Congratulations to the city prepared by the retail trade, public catering and consumer services  The contest "happy birthday, Angarsk it was organized by the Department of consumer market of administration of the city of Angarsk. March 15 shops and cafes will be transformed. The design of the facade and the interior will create a festive mood for the citizens and guests of Angarsk.Retail trade, public catering and consumer services in the territory of the city of Angarsk will be evaluated by the Commission according to the following criteria:- the design of the facade- the sanitary condition of the adjacent territory- the presence of a Board for ads, content- themed packaging for products, price tags, price lists, including using the anniversary logo with the symbol of the city- the presence of uniform- the lack of consumer complaints- organization of sales exhibitions, tastings, promotions.When assessing companies welcome the presence of discounts, compliance with the range and the limit prices of socially important goods, the availability of the range of products on sale "product of the day", participation in charity events for the poor.The winners are the participants among the enterprises of retail trade, public catering and consumer services, with the highest number of points at the end of the contest. Results will be announced on April 28.The press service of the municipality "City of Angarsk"". . . Читать полностью -->

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